Monday, March 9, 2015

A whole family plus cousins and friends at church? Don't mind if I do!

Quote of the week:
"Sister! I am just so darn happy right now that if I were a marshmellow cloud in the sky I would eat myself!" ... yes... what you say when it is super late and you just had the most wonderful day. :) To be more specific this sunday was one of the happiest days of my life. I was able to see so many miracles happen. The week started off a little bit rough-  Sister Davis was sick and a little bit down emotionaly as well. But even with those hurdles we were able to see miracles happen this week.

We went early Sunday Morning to pick up Laura Ciu Ciu and her daughter for church- she had told us before that her husband was not interested. But when we got there her husband and 3 more of her kids and some cousins had decided to come as well!! We walked into church and everyone was sooo warm and welcoming and perfect. (on top of that Besmir our other investigator came as well!) During Fast and Testimony meeting the Bishop got up and bore his testimony and said that he had been fervently praying for over a year that we would have a new family in the ward (because everyone is much older) and he looked right at Familie Ciu Ciu and with tears in his eyes told them over the pulpit that they were an answer to his prayer and he said that he hopes they will come often and always feel welcome. I heard Laura Ciu Ciu whisper "Ja, dass machen wir gerne" as you can imagine my heart just exploded. Then the most beautiful moment came when another brother got up to bear his testimony. He said he remembered being in England as Laura Ciu Ciu was baptized and how he was the Elders Quorum President there, how he knew her mother and father and how all the children would come in their old van and pile out dark eyes shining. He bore testimony of how the Lord cares so much for each of his children that he sent the missionaries to England and then to Romania and then to her here in Germany. He then said that hopefully now that she is here she will want to give her children and family the opportunity to be baptized as well, and sitting behind Laura I heard her say once again "Ja, bestimmt". I was so happy I want to laugh and cry at the same time! Then after Sacrament our Bishop asked the family to come into his office with us. I sat there and watched the presiding priesthood holder of this ward work miracles. He sat there and his eyes sparkling asked the mother and father if they needed anything; and then proceeded to arrange for a job, food, and travel. Walking home Laura told me that one of her daughters is still in Romania but that once she gets here in April she would like all her children to be baptized. I wanted to fall to my knees right there and praise God with thanksgiving. What a blessing, what a family, what a miracle! I will forever remember this family- and the way that they have touched my heart.
So you could say I'm a happy camper. This week I was studying a lot about faith and I came across a scripture that carried me through the week,
Mormon 9:21 "Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth"
God loves us all so much and cares so much about each of us. If we will but ask him in faith- doubting nothing. Trusting that God will fulfill the promises that he has made then nothing is impossible. I've decided that when it comes to doing the Lords work here in Germany- the only thing that is impossible is the idea of impossibilty as long as we put our faith in Jesus Christ.
Liebe Grüße
Sister Shurts

from the scribbled notes of a sister missionary

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