Monday, April 27, 2015

"Sister Shurts, everything that God does is good and right"

"Sister Shurts, everything that God does is good and right"

We were able to spend 6 hours with an Apostle of the Lord on Friday. It was supposed to be in preparation for the IPads that we should have received, but Elder Bednar opened the meeting with a statement. He said "this meeting is not about IPads" He then asked us what we thought of that statement. The entire meeting went like that. We would ask questions and he would teach truths. The way that he answered our questions and prompted our thoughts and guided our revelations was masterful. It created the perfect atmosphere for the spirit
As Elder Bednar spoke he predicted an event that we might have with him in the future, but as he spoke I felt an assurance that it will happen to me someday. Someday I will speak with him again and I will tell him that I was one of the missionaries in the Frankfurt Germany mission in April of 2015, and I will look him in the eyes and tell him how much this day has changed and blessed my life. I cannot wait for that day- I want to be proud of the missionary that I have been and the person that I have become. I truly felt the spirit bear witness to me that Elder Bednar is an apostle of the Lord.
I was also able to meet up with old mission friends- it was so much fun to see my old companions and old district members! I can’t believe that I have already been a missionary for 7 months! The best part was, in the crowd of missionaries all of a sudden I spotted Kristyn Helmick, (a member from our good old small town, Dairy Creek Ward) and I squeezed through everybody and tapped her on the shoulder and she saw me and screamed and I screamed and I threw my arms around her! :D We ran outside and talked for like half an hour about everything. :) Oh it was so nice to see her. She loves her area and she loves missionary work, she is doing so great!
Our marathon day ended super late that night (it began at 3 o clock that morning) and we got home super late- but we were richly feed and spiritually uplifted. I don’t have a lot of time to write about the rest of the week- we were able to meet with a lot of people in our ward. We took Besmir to institute which he really enjoyed and I was able to go on a Split this week with the Sister Training leaders!
It seems to counter every great joy there is deep sorrow- On Sunday as we approached the church we encountered one member of our ward in tears. And found out that Schwester Quada, a young sister and her daughter had been killed while they were in Africa. You have to understand that I have been with this lady at least 2-3 days a week for 7 months. I loved her. She was the sunshine that entered the church each week and her bright testimony could be felt by everyone around her. In Relief Society, Schwester Tewes told all the ladies that she had been murdered in Africa, and that sound that followed was heart breaking.
Looking around at those women, as the tears fell from their loving eyes. Watching them hold hands in consolation and pray for each other and comfort one another taught me an important lesson about how we are truly hear to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. This ward is one big family, there is so much love here- and as a part of it, I have become a member of this family too. I was being comforted and hugged- sweet ladies wiped the tears from my eyes when they were truly the ones in deeper pain. My friendship with Schwester Quada had only been 7 months- not years and years.

These people are truly special sons and daughters of God. Schwester Emmerlich took me in her arms too and said, "Sister Shurts, everything that God does is good"

That has been my rock these last couple days. If we didn’t trust in God, then the whole world would become dark. The only way that there can be any hope in this life is through Christ. Once we internalize and understand the great plan that our father in heaven has created for us, no goodbye is forever, death losses its sting and light chases away the darkness. I have a testimony that death is not the end; that our purpose here on earth is so that we can live again- because Jesus Christ did. Everything that God does is good. 
Sister Williams and Elder Peatross and me, it is fun to get together with our old district. 

Sister Helmick and me!!! So fun to see my sweet friend!!

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