Monday, May 4, 2015

All is Well!

One more week till I get to see your faces!!!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm just a little bit excited. Like my planner has the 10th of May colored in neon pink and yellow and orange.... hehe It'll be awesome.
I had the coolest experience on Sunday. Sister Davis and I decided to go out and go by on people- but then I had the thought to do some Bahn Contacting… which doesn’t make any sense- because in Germany no one rides the bahns on Sunday. We walked down to the U-Bahn, and there was one lady with a stroller. So I was like ok, that limits my options. So we started talking to her- hopped the next bahn and I talked to her for the next 20 minutes. She started by asking us if we were Jehovahs witnesses and I said “Nope, we’re mormons!” and she just laughed and asked what a mormon was, so I was able to explain to her a little bit about what we believe. But I had the thought to start talking about the importance of family in our church. And how we believe that we can be with our families forever. She got really quiet as she was thinking about that, and then said that she had 6 children! Im sorry… BUT SIX KIDS IN GERMANY!!!????? That is insane!! Like soooo out of the ordinary. Here 3 kids is a lot. So we got her number and are planning on calling her in the morning. Cannot wait to baptize them! :)

This week was better than last week. Everyday has brought a little bit more peace into my heart. We were able to visit a lot of members this week and teach about the power of the atonement. On Monday we taught Family Home Evening with a little group at the church. We have done this every week for 7 months, and the group has always included Schwester Quada. This was the first time that we would be teaching knowing that she would never be there again. I stressed about it all day.
I wanted to share something that would really help, and I really wanted the spirit to be there. I was talking to Elder Stout about stuff and tried to talk my lesson through with him. He gave me some good ideas- but then said, "Sister Shurts, it's also important not to think too much about it, because if your are trying to remember all the little things to say, you might forget the spirit." That was an important lesson for me to learn, and it is actually how I started the lesson. And I was amazed at the spirit that was there. I don't think I taught any of that lesson even though I had prepared it. Each person shared such beautiful testimonies and thoughts about how they are comforted through Christ. We also read the words from the song "Come, Come Ye Saints" and then listened to the Tabernacle Choir sing it. That was so powerful it was absolutly beautiful. Just like the early day Pioneers we are like saints on our own journey west- though at times it will be hard, when we trust in our Heavenly Father we can sing "All is well"

I know that when we trust in our Heavenly Father that all will be well.
All my love

Sister Shurts
from the scribbled notes of a sister missionary
A beautiful "Schloss" in Gelsenkirchen

Our district- playing cards for P-Day

Chrom Away... Sister Davis always carries finger nail polish remover in her bag along with cotton pads- to wipe away graffitti! BAHAHA cleaning up herne one wipe at a time! 

Sister Davis and I, getting ready for church 

Us and the Ciu Ciu Family- Basically our favorite people

Pictures with of last weeks mission conference with Elder Bednar.

That's me on the second row in a white sweater standing out in a sea of dark suits.

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