Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 1 in Friedrichsdorf!

I traveled all by myself to Friedrichsdorf... which I will not lie- I quite enjoyed :) There were a lot of nice people on the train who helped  me with my luggage so that was not even a struggle. I left so much stuff in Heidelberg- that is always a nice thing when sisters change apartments- we leave a ton of clothes in the next apartment for the next sister to sort through. Sister Bundersons next companion will be blessed haha.
My new companion is sister Meyer- she is from California as well!! Love that! (but she is from northern california not LA) She has been here for about 3 months already and now the two of us are going to kill it this transfer! We did a lot of contacting this week since we have like no investigators but so it is anytime someone gets transfered. We were able to find a lot of cool people though! on thursday we had time to contact a little, so we said a prayer and went for it. We talked to two young girls around our age and end up getting there number and setting up an appointment with them! We continued down the Fuß when we heard someone shout out, "SISTERS!"  The man told us he was a former mission president in new zealand and had been here for a week. He then said, "Would you like a referal?" ...uh yes!  After that we tried to find someone we had met took us a bit to find it. WE saw 132 and 128, buuut not 130. After going a little ways in the back of the cornerstreet we found the apartment. It was a little sketch, but not too bad. We couldnt find the name of the lady, so we rang the name that sounded the closest. It wasnt her, it was a polish woman named Vera and she let us in to share our message. It was a tiny room- and very humble circumstances- but it was beautiful to see how Vera was willing to listen to our message and accept a return appointment.
Saturday we had the privledge of having a helper, Sister Lymer (wife of the area seventy, elder lymer). This is actually the second time that I have spent the day with her. She went around with us and helped us with appointments. We had Stake Conference that evening and Sister Lymer brought 8 refugees from Iran. (she volunteers at one of the camps)
They are all very excited to learn more. they left Iran because being Christian was so dangerous. And now they are interested in the gospel. We were able to get them a book of mormon in their language and organize someone to help translate for them. It was amazing to see the bishop, stake president, mission president, area 70 and countless others come up to these men and make them feel welcome.... I am hoping we will have a white christmas! ;)
I love you all

Sister Shurts

Sister Meyer and I- our first day together

Lunch with sister Lymer before we head out on our day together!

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