Monday, February 15, 2016

3rd Nephi 17:2-10

Dear Family and Friends. This week was great. It was a little bit slow- and we are working on picking the area back up but it was still full of a lot of memorable experiences. 
I can't believe how quickly this transfer is flying by. It is kind of freaking me out honestly. I am not going to lie- I am excited to come home haha :) But I really have to say though that I am torn. I really love the people here in Germany. I have honestly given them my whole heart and soul- and then some. 
This week I had my "Leavers Interview" with President Stoddard. That was so cool- we talked for like two hours. I told him about my life goals and where I want to go and where I see myself- and then asked for his advice. It was special for me to recieve advice from someone that I respect so much. 
We also had zone training this week. It was great to hear from the testimonies of all the other missionaries. I did have this wierd flashback moment though. Because my very first Zone training was actually here in this zone (full circle) and I thought about all the different goals and antipication and dreams that I had for myself. I for sure did not expect what happened to me on my mission. So many crazy experiences and crazy people. haha but I have changed in a way I never would have expected. 

This week I was able to bear my testimony to a woman on the street from Romania. She was very sweet- and said she would love to hear more about the gospel. :) we are going to go by on her tonight. 

People that we met from different countries in just one week. 
oh yeah and Germany. haha 
seriously people. It is amazing!!! 

I wanted to end with a scripture that I shared at zone training as I was able to stand and bear my testimony. It is in the 3rd book of Nephi in the Book of mormon. 
In Chapter 17, verses 2-10. 
Jesus Christ had an agenda, and things to do. As he visited among the Nephites he said that he needed to go and visit the other children. But he looked at the people- and was filled with compassion towards them and stayed. he stayed and healed them and blessed them. 
This is a lesson to me to not get so busy with agendas and to-do's that we miss a beautiful moment to simply embrace the savior and serve others.

I love you all 

Sister Shurts

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