Monday, October 27, 2014

Say What???

Well... sometimes as soon as you start getting comfortable life sweeps the rug out from under your feet. Sister Blackhurst and I were just settling in getting ready for this next transfer when we got a phone call from President Stoddard. I just watched Sister Blackhurst as she took the call- and she looked at me and her mouth dropped and then she mouthed 'your getting transfered!' .... WHAT?! I freaked out- because as a new missionary you normally spend 12 weeks in training with your trainer and I've only been here for half of that! Heavenly Father must have something else in mind for Sister Blackhurst and me. I'm getting transfered to Herne- I have no idea what the area is like or who my companion will be or anything! (It'll be a way fun adventure:)

It is sad to say goodbye to Wetzlar- I have grown to love the ward and the people here so much even though it has been for only one transfer. I was talking to my companion about it, and she said something that made me feel a little better- she said that it is better to leave an area sad, because then you know that you have put your heart into it and given it your all, then to be happy to leave. As I reflected on that I realized how true it was, the people we have worked with these past 7 weeks have progressed so much and have come so much closer to the savior. Yesterday we had Tina and Diana and her son Jamie and church! :) I was so happy to see them there. Diana decided not to go to a family brunch to come which was a big sacrifice for her, but she said that she felt like she needed to come if she wanted to get baptized. I am so excited for her- even if I won't be here for it.

Next week will be full of new adventures, and new experiences! I'm excited to see what Herne will bring! :)

Braunfels Castle

Farewell Interview with Wolfgang

Braunfels Castle

Found a huge "Benjamin Bluemchen" doll in shop window.
One of my favorite German childhood cartoon characters.

Bishop Meiser and his wife

My first Schnitzel

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