Monday, October 20, 2014

The Power of a Missionary

There is a special calling and power when you are set apart as missionary... I think I am only just beginning to realize that- but watching people as we teach them and seeing the spirit that we bring with us work in their lives is a testimony to me of the way Gods hand is evident in our lives. This week we had an appointment with Diana who was doing great last week- we walked in to a cloud of smoke and yelling. Diana, with a cigarette in her hand was getting angry at her son. She was close to tears and wanted us to leave! As we talked at the door we asked if there was anything we could do for her. With tears in her eyes, she said 'come in girls'. We talked with her and I was amazed as I saw her begin to smile and laugh. After we shared a spiritual thought she even asked us if she could say the closing prayer, which though simple was pure and precious and I could feel that heavenly father was working on her heart. 

Just one more week left in this transfer and i'll be out 2 months! That is for sure a strange thought. It feels like just yesterday I was leaving home to start my mission! My companions and I are working hard on getting to know the ward members and less actives. I have had a personal goal to meet more people on busses! Sometimes we don't get in our language study so I try to talk to as many Germans as I can, so that I can learn faster. On the bus I started talking to this cute Turkish lady named Ümi. She taught us how to make pizza crust and bread dough but more importantly we started talking about families and she wants to learn more about how our families can be eternal! After praying all week to be able to talk to someone who was interested in the gospel it was a blessing that we were able to met her. 

Lots of people ask me if it is hard being in a tri-panionship (as Sister Petersen likes to call it) but I don't think so. They are both such amazing missionaries and they both work so hard. I think one of my favorite parts of the day is companionship study- hearing the insights from both of them is always so enlightening! I am going to miss Sister Petersen when she goes home. (although I won't mind the extra space we will have in the already packed apartment haha)

Those are just some of the highlights of the week, which ended with a bang. literally. We had an appointment with Tina and Ahmet (some investigators) and from their apartment we could see the fair that was happening in Wetzlar for the 'feiertag' (celebration) and it ended with an awesome firework show over the cute old city. It was beautiful to see the fireworks reflecting over the old bridge in the water and see them light up the cathedral below. I just had to smile- and think heaven was applauding the missionary work in Germany. :)

Love you all
Sister Shurts

From the Scribbled notes of a Sister Missionary 

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