Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Little Christmas Miracle!

Christmas is just around the corner!! And I can't wait! This week it was soo fun to talk to people on the street about christmas. All the people at the Christmas Markts with their Gluhwein and old man pipes (gotta love germans) would let us stop and chat with them for a bit about what christmas was and I would get the opportunity to bear testimony of Jesus Christ and of the gift he is to us.

So, short little christmas miracle story- this week Sister Williams and I were walking to an appointment and we had about 15 extra minutes. I saw a cool yellow building and nudged sister williams and said "Hey lets Klingle (what we call ringing the doorbell) that apartment building" So we walked over to it, hit the buttons under everysingle name. But everytime someone let us in we got in about one and a half sentances before they shut the door on us. We didn't have that much time left- but for some reason I still felt like ringing some doorbells. We kept walking I was just like- lets do one more- there was a number 1 and a number 24- and I asked sister williams which one I should pick- she shrugged her shoulders. I looked up at the sky- and said in my heart, heavenly father- we have 10 minutes. There is someone to meet or something to learn here but I don't have time to ring  both buildings- which one should I go to.. and I felt like doing number 24 (it may have been because the house was cute - I am my mothers daughter) but regardless we klingled one name and got nothing... we were about to walk away when I felt like reaching up and ringing the name above it. The door buzzed open and we walked up. To our surprise there was a teenager standing at the door- we talked to him for a bit, he said he wasn't religous but his mother was- so I asked him if his mother was home. He walked into his apartment and then this lady comes out, in one hand she had a lighted cigarette and with they other hand she beckoned us in and said the most magical words I have ever heard. "kommen sie bitte mahl rein" Come on in... Sister Williams and I stepped in after we got over our shock and sat and talked to her for a while. Since we didn't have that much time we asked if we could come back next week... AND SHE SAID YES!!!! AHHH :D
That was just one of the many small miracles that happened this week. The hearts of the people are softening just as the weather is getting colder! We met with new investigators this week, and less active members who all want to come to church! All that I can say is that heavenly father is blessing us here, and as long as we work hard to do our best I know that miracles will happen. Thankyou for your prayers and support!
I love you all

Sister Shurts

from the scribbled notes of a sister missionary

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