Monday, December 22, 2014


Soo I am warning you all that I am in a VERY christmassy mood right now... so I'm not sure how this email will turn out because I am sooo distracted and will be able to see your beautiful (and slightly crazy) faces in approximately 80 hours 16 minutes and 25 seconds!!..... AHHHH :) Can't wait for my Skype time with my FAMILY!!!!!

I really don't even know where to start! But remember that awesme miracle story from last week as we went dooring and met the Familie Wichman?! We met with them again and showed her the He is the Gift video and she LOVED IT! We had a fireside at the church yesterday about what the meaning of Christmas is- and she actually came! and brought her husband! :) I am so happy about this Christmas miracle. I know that the lord will bless us as we continue to have faith that he will touch the hearts of the people we meet!
I have been impressed this week by how many cherrished Christmas traditions have to do with skype... I mean light! (gah see people that was an accident!) The candles on the advent wreath, the Christmas markts alight, the glowing Christmas tree, the warmth of the fire, the star of David. But most importantly the light of Christmas is the light and love that comes from Christ.
I was thinking a lot about how light is a comfort something that we naturally seek out, from the little sister who needs her night light or the warm rays of the sun. A lot of people don't understand who God is. They say he is in us around us and near us- but the concept that is not understood is that he is a literal person. Think about the light from the sun. We all feel the rays on our skin individually- but they all come from a physical and real thing in the sky. Just like we can all feel Gods love as the rays of the sun, we can know that he is real, that he cares about each one of us individually and that because he loves each and everyone of us, he sent is son to give us a way to return to him.
With our big push of handing out more HeIsTheGift cards we have talked to a lot of people this week. From abstract art therapists to computer engineers, but no matter what walk of life these people are in- they still feel the excitement of Christmas (side note- some old lady on a bus was so excited about Christmas she popped out her dentures and showing them to me explained that they were her Christmas present to herself...awkward..)
 The weather here in Germany is like Oregon right now- no snow but a lot of rain! feels just like home! :) Find ways to enjoy the Christmas season and think about what gift you can give. The one true gift that I can give to repay the Savior is to give him myself. Wholly and completely- and that's the thought I wanted to leave with you guys!
Merry Christmas
I love you all
Sister Shurts

from the scribbled notes of a sister missionary

A few pictures from Michaela's ward Christmas Party (the rest can be seen at: Herne Ward Christmas Party)

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