Monday, June 15, 2015

A day in the life of a Sister in Heidelberg

It has been another fun packed week here in Heidelberg as a Sister Training Leader. But I wouldn't have it any other way! We have been on a lot of splits with the sisters in our two zones- and that makes the weeks go by very quickly. I love being able to work with so many sisters- Seriously I am learning so much from them all :) Especially Sister Wahlquist. She is so amazing. This week we were talking a lot about how we can become one as a companionship- We talked about how as we both come closer to christ, we will come closer to eachother. The thing that I love about sister Wahlquist is that as opposed to some girls who stay up late talking about boys, or drama, or movies... we stay up late sometimes talking about the gospel.
Since I know I've been slacking a bit on the emails I thought I would give you all a rund down of a day in the life of Sister Shurts in Heidelberg...
1. Wake up- go on a run along the river or up to the castle
2. Get ready- shower, breakfast, get dressed (sister Wahlquist and I have joint closets... which makes getting dressed a joy- we have a closet for both of our skirts/dresses and a closet for both of our blouses/sweaters)
3. Studies- This week I have been studying a lot about christ- because I am giving a talk/leading a discussion at Zone Conference- I have learned so much about how we can do little things each day to become more like him. The theme of it is the Attributes of Jesus Christ.
4. Out the Door!! -  We normally have to run to catch a train- which is pretty close to our apartment. If we have extra time we stop by a small Kiosk (little store) and talk to the Turkish man who owns it- He always tries to give us free food and tell us how he wants to live in the mountains and become a hermit because he hates people...
5. Appointments-  We then take the many trains and busses and street cars as we are running to and from appointments with people- and talking to people as we go to and fro.
6. Grab some delicious Italian Gelato :) just because
7. Splits (companion Exchange)- We have at least 2 a week! So usually in the late afternoon or evening we take a 1-2 hour train ride to split with another pair of sisters.
8. Home- we plan eat something and talk a little bit and then fall into bed in delightful exhaustion. :)

What I have learned the most this week is that our personal motivation to follow christ must come from our heart. As much as I want to to give someone else a part of my excitment- it needs to come from themselves. As for our work here in Heidelberg we have meet with many people. We have had a hard time getting in contact with Rahil- but we are also planning on having a lot of appointments this week with new investigators!!!
I love you all!!!
Sister Shurts

Some missionaries in our area getting together to play some frisbee on a P-Day

Scenes from Heidelberg

Our kitchen Flooded... so we had to do dishes in our tub

Sister Wahlquist and I get all ready for sunday night call ins!

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