Monday, September 14, 2015

I just want to be like Nephi!

This week has been amazing- truly it has been full of miracles. We did a lot of finding, and taught a lot of people. The other day we were walking down the street and a man was riding his bike towards us, and cute typical sister bunderson whispers to me "I've never stopped a man on a bike before" and then she stands in front of him and waves. Haha he about fell off his bike, but he did stop and talked with us. He was interested in hearing more about our message and we invited him to meet with us this week, as a side noted I chimed in and told him to brain his friends. When he showed up to the appointment at the church he brought five other people as well, and all of em were interested in learning more!

I would say one of the greatest miracles this week has to do with Patrick. We have been meeting with him everyday this week. And all I have to say is that the gospel truly does change people.

On Tuesday we had a great lesson with him at the church, he is so humble and willing to follow all the commandments of God. We had just finished teaching about a living day prophet and invited him to follow the law of tithing after he is baptized, his comment was, "do I need to wait until I am baptized?" That evening both sister Bunderson and I had the impression to give him a call. At once sister Bunderson and I could tell that something was off, and then he said, "she's gone, my mom is gone" my heart just hurt. He told us he had just found out at his mother had passed away, we dropped everything we were doing and caught the next train towards kirchheim. It was pretty late, but sister Bunderson and I knew that we needed to be there. Patrick walked up with his friend. He was so shaken and in pain. We sat down at at that train station as he wept. I didn't know what to say, so I just listened as he told us his tragic story. Which involved a painful childhood, where he had to stand up for his mother against an abusive father. How she was left alone and sick. How he left home and came to Germany in order to earn money so that she could go to a hospital. How every day he fought for her, and for himself- he was homeless for months. And now finally after he had gotten a job and would be able to pay for the medical treatments... He lost her. My heart broke.
Sister Bunderson and I had the same thought (happens quite often
actually) and she asked Patrick of he would like a priesthood blessing, we explained that it was a prayer that someone speaks through the power of God. A way that God can comfort us and tell us what we need. With trembling lips he whispered yes. We called the elders and without any delay they drove to our corner of town. I stood there in awe as The elders gave Patrick a blessing. The power of God is real. I could feel his love for each of us in my heart. After that he just left and walked home, but talking to him afterwards he was able to share with us how much that helped him. It gave him hope.

We had a lesson with him last night and we talked a little bit about missionary work. He then says, "when I'm a missionary, what would my name be?" I said, "elder maphel" he had the biggest grin on his face, and said, "elder maphel... I like the sound of that! I will go wherever the lord sends me... But I would be very happy if he sends me to America." Haha oh Patrick.

I think my favorite thing that he has said though was during a lesson we had with him this week. We were teaching some doctrine, but his mind was not there haha. Out of no where he just looks up and says, "sisters! I just want to be like Nephi! He is faithful, and courageous and obedient"
And I just had to smile. Yes Patrick I want to be like Nephi too. I have never taught someone who has so fully enveloped themselves in the word of God. I am so grateful that I get to be a part of this great work. That I am allowed to share in this great joy. Truly this is what life is all about. Bringing the joy of the gospel to another soul.
Watching the flicker of faith grow to a warm and burning flame!

I love you all
And feel your prayers!
Sister shurts :)

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