Monday, August 31, 2015

1 Year Down!!

Friday morning came and I looked at the date... Thought about it for a moment, August 28th... I was pretty sure that August 28th meant something. I shrugged it off, and sister Bunderson and I went running, and then got ready, and then I sat down for some personal study. Halfway through reading something I realized that a year ago today I entered the MTC!!! That was a weird moment. I really does not feel like a year ago, but there you have it, I've only got 6 more months left :) gotta make em count! 

First off I have to take a moment to tell you all about Patrick! This man has so much faith and is so willing to change his life. Ok, get this, he walks into our appointment and he shows us his phone. And as his screen saver he has a selfie with himself and the Book of Mormon, so that he "remembers to read at least 2 chapters a day, so that he can know what it is and be able to tell his friends all about it." Sister Bunderson and I were floored. We love this man! We moved his baptismal date up to the 12th of September. Which he is excited and very ready for. I have never meant anyone this prepared for the gospel before. I am just humbled when I see his desire to know and to learn and to come unto God. He comes to us with questions about the Book of Mormon, which he is marking all up. I am so grateful that God allows me to teach this man- and to be a part of his story. 

This week we had our missionary leadership council. It is such an amazing experience to go there and to learn from zeal the other leaders in the mission. Sister Bunderson and I were asked to lead a discussion and a role play about baptism. 
Random thankful note for the week. I am so glad that I am not a bus driver in Germany. We take the bus and tram and train everywhere we go, but the way these buss drivers navigate these ridiculously long buses through such tiny streets is insane. 
I have studies this week a lot about prayer, and how amazing it is at we can communicate with the God of the heavens and the earth. And it made me think a lot about what we pray for, and how. I came across this poem that I wanted to share with you all, 

I wish you all a fantastic week, and know that you are in my prayers
Liebe Grüße 

Sister shurts 

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