Monday, August 10, 2015

New Transfer, New Companion

I just asked my new companion what I should write this week and she
said, "well just tell them that you got the best companion ever,"
hahah but really sister Bunderson is amazing, she is super fun and
happy and ready and willing to work. But also quick to laugh. I can
tell that we are going to have a lot of fun together!! It has only
been a short amount of time and we have already seen so many miracles, 

 I met a lady from China not too long ago who said she would be interested in reading the Book of Mormon. To our disappointment, the woman called us and told us there was no need to come by because she had decided she was comfortable staying Buddhist. Well. We had already left the house and were out for the day and we were carrying around this Chinese Book of Mormon so obviously we had to give it out! At the very end if he day in our way back to the apartment, we meet a lady from China named Flora who knew about the church because her English teachers in China were Mormons who positively impacted her life. She said they were people who taught their students to go after their dreams and she will always remember that. We bore our testimonies about the Book of Mormon and she was so touched when we gave her her copy. Wooohoooo!! 

This week we also meet with a man sister wahlquist and I had challenged to
read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Our last appointment with him
consisted of him bringing a list of questions for us and then at the
end he accepted the challenge to "experiment upon our words" and to
read in the book and pray. This week Solomon was a completely
different person. We sat down and he looked at us, and awestruck
asked, "what was it like when you prayed?" He then with quivering
hands proceeded to describe to us how he had prayed and felt something
stronger and more real than he had ever felt before. He was at a loss
for words- but he knew it was from God. We then told him that it was
the power of God through the Holy Ghost that he felt. And that it was
that spirit that testifies of truth. We committed him to take the next
step to meet with us, learn more and eventually take the steps to be
baptized. The power of God is so real. This experience taught me so
much about how great and magnificent the power of God is. I would like
to invite each of you to think about the question that Solomon asked
us, "what was it like when you prayed?"

All my love
Sister Shurts

Saying goodbye to good friends
Sister brown, elder Von wallwitz sister wahlquist, sister megli, me, elder Roberts, elder ostler and elder butler

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