Monday, October 19, 2015

"Do you want to do some finding?"

Well this week there are officially two Shurts' out on missions again!
Let the good times roll. Dal is in the Provo MTC starting his own crazy journey. He is going to be an amazing missionary. :) sister Bunderson and I had two back to back zone trainings again this week.
It was so much fun though. In one of our zones sister Bunderson and I sang a song! Like really it was our own little mini musical. haha we took other songs and made them missionary parodies... Haha it was a focus on finding. We got some frozen and les mins in there as well...
It was fantastic.
"Knock knock... Do you want to do some finding? We have a street display! Etc" (to do you want to build a snowman from frozen) I thought it would be super embarrassing, but when has that ever been a problem for me? Haha anyways it was just fun to get everyone pumped for finding. As a missionary in Germany we do a lot of street displays, and also door to door. Which can be really hard for a lot of missionaries. But it is important to keep your spirits up. Zone trainings are really good for that. I love going on splits with all the sisters and being able to work with them all one on one. Because that is where real missionary work takes place. I learn so much from our spirits together. Whether it is somethings small as how to by a cheaper train ticket or how to testify of he Book of Mormon better.

We found out this week that Patrick was transferred to a new refugee camp three hours away. Which was way sad. We contacted the missionaries over there so he can still get to church, but it will be weird not being able to teach him anymore. He sent us a text that just made everything worth it though, "hi sisters, I bear my testimony that the spiritual light and truth will not only bless us and our posterity here in mortality, but throughout all eternity, and worlds without end. I testify that God cares about us. He listens, and answers our prayers in his own way. I know that prophet Thomas S Monson is a true prophet of God, that will lead us back to God true Jesus Christ. Love Patrick. "
I love sharing the gospel
I love being a missionary
There is nothing that brings me more joy.
I know that God loves each of us.
All the best

Sister Shurts

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