Monday, October 12, 2015

This was our week!

Sister Bunderson and I are sitting on a train writing our emails as we head towards Kaiserslautern. It is a beautiful train ride- I love seeing all the cute little German villages and castles and old buildings as we speed by. :) someday I'm gonna come back here (anyone want to join me?) This week was jam packed with miracles. The week started off a little bit rough, but it got rolling. And didn't stop. I think I realized the importance of planning this week. This is just how sister Bunderson and I are. We love to be outside talking to people. And if we are inside doing anything else we feel unproductive... So last week we opted out of our weekly planning session because we just had so many appointments... And because of that this week we didn't have our best game plan. However once we took the time to plan a little bit our time was so much more effective. No brainier right... Yeah, still working on it! So highlight of the week was probably meeting two cute students from China. They came to church and looooved it. Their names are Vicky and Jenny! And in the first lesson we were able to set baptismal dates with them!!!  :):) they are so cute. Also this week we met with Patrick and he is writing a pop song about the Book of Mormon, there is a shout out in it to Bunderson and Shurts during the rap. So someday when that song is famous you will all know it is us!!
Little moments of missionary work are what make it fun. Like when I get to meet people from all over the world. Yesterday I met someone from Croatia! Or making silly music videos with sister Bunderson, Or when we are running down the old cobblestones streets to catch a train, or pausing for a moment to enjoy some hot chocolate in a cafe.
But I think out of all the little moments that happen, what I enjoy the most is sitting down with a complete stranger and teaching about gods plan for them personally, and then standing up again as friends.
God loves each of his children. I am so proud of my brother Dallin for choosing to serve a mission. Dal I love you- you are going to be an amazing missionary- just serve God before all else, enjoy he MTC!
All the best

Sister Shurts

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