Monday, October 26, 2015

Another 6 weeks with sister Bunderson!! and Heidelberg!!!!

So sister Bunderson and I have been stressing all week, because we were going to find out on Saturday wether or not if the two of us are staying together another transfer.... We even tried to get inside info from the assistants, and zone leaders, but to no avail! We have a mission wide conference call for transfers where they announce who is going and staying, and when they got to Heidelberg sisters, he assistants to the president took a ridiculously long pause before announcing that we were staying together!!! :) :) we are so excited! We have already started a bit of our planning and goal setting for
this transfer. We want to work hard and do our absolute best!! It's not every day that you get to stay another six weeks in the beautiful city of Heidelberg doing the Lords work with someone as motivated and excited about missionary work as you. :)
To celebrate sister Bunderson and I have literally not stopped smiling! :) Also we have just had a fantastic week. (other than we were a little bit sick at the beginning of this week) Sister Bunderson and I were on a split in Kaiserslautern- I was with the amazing sister Whicker in Heidelberg- we had a great time together. Sometimes a woman just needs change in her life- so during our lunch break we chopped off like a good 6 inches of her hair! (I don't think people should trust me with scissors... but yeah... haha so that was a party!) We also contacted so way cool people from Kenya as well.
Oh other random moment of the week.
We were walking home one night- through the altstadt.... and of course we wanted to buy some icecream- so we stopped and got ourselves a couple delicious scoops of italien gelato (Can't complain there!) And as we were sitting down this deaf man came up and sold us an GSL alphabet! Plus a picture of a baby kitten and a frog.

We had the wonderful opportunity this week to take part in a musical fireside that one of the sisters in Mannheim organized. It was amazing. The theme was the grace of Jesus Christ. I am always amazed at what talent people have when it comes to singing... (Especially Kandra and Kiana... I got a video of them singing absolutely beautiful
Anyways, this musical fireside was absolutley amazing. One of our investigators was able to come even though it was in a different city- and he loved it. His name is Eric and he is from Nigeria. We have been meeting with him quite a bit- His story is amazing as well. He traveled across the Sahera desert in order to get to Italy. He said that he was able to recognize God in his life because with out God- he would not have survived.
Today I have so much to be grateful for. I am grateful that I can be here in Germany- that I can be here with Sister Bunderson and that I can teach this gospel here in the beautiful city of Heidelberg!

Liebe Grüße

Sister Shurts

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