Monday, February 23, 2015

So, apparently, I need to start my own church in Jamaica...

So apparently I need to start my own church in Jamaica…
This week we got a call from an old Investigator by the name of JJ Prince, (a Jamaican, Pastor, Gospel Singer) that we had taught a little bit, and he was trying to convince me to come and preach in his church after my mission and spread the word of God- and then go to Jamaica. Because I “have the spirit and the power of a woman of faith” BAHAHA just thought I’d share that gem with you all.

That experience actually made me think a lot about how God established his church here on the earth; and how we are able to act in his name because we have that Priesthood authority.
We were able to teach that to a less active member in our ward this week. Schwester Zeshcky is an amazing lady who in her heart wants to come back to church but doesn’t have the courage to come alone. We went and met with her and started right away with a prayer which brought the spirit in immediately. We talked for a little bit about her desires to come to church and what is holding her back. And then we watched the Restoration DVD, which is an instant punch in the face from the spirit- at least for me. After watching that we sat in silence for a moment... and then we spoke a little bit about the restoration. Then all of a sudden I felt like I should say something... but I didn't know what to say- so I just looked at Schwester Zeschky and opened my mouth... and the words came. I told her that I have this feeling that I needed to tell her… about her family; and immediately after I said that I got all choked up. But with the power of my calling and with the spirit I promised her that if she would take the first step and go to church and be that example, that her family would follow, even her husband. I testified that all things are possible through the Lord and that the example of a mother makes all the difference in a home. I looked at Schwester Zeschky and she had tears in her eyes. And she told us that, that was what she really wanted- to have her family together. We only stayed for an hour but that was all we needed. We gave her a chapter to read and she said she would really try to come to church on Sunday. We walked out of that appointment and I was on cloud nine. As we turned the corner I asked Sister Davis to say a prayer of gratitude to God.

 Families are so important to Gods great plan for us. Schwester Zescky understood that she wanted to have her family together forever. The path that leads to eternal life can sometimes be difficult but I know that it will be so worth it.

That experience this week made it a little bit easier bear a phone call that we received from Frau Kirch. She told us that she didn’t want to meet with us anymore. I don’t really know why. But I was devastated- I never thought that I could feel so much for someone I had known less than two weeks. I am gaining a testimony that every child of God has their own free agency, and sometimes all we can do is pray for them and do our best to help them remember their divine destiny. In the end it is the decision that each soul makes personally in their hearts that leads to true and lasting conversion. 

Doing fitness with all the old ladies in our ward

Tante Inge and me

Sister Davis and her Spaghetti ice cream

A pretty old church in Herne

The Rameumptom (or the only castle in the Ruhr Pott. Funny Germany.

Elders climbing on the Rameumptom

Carnival on Rosen Montag

Carnival on Rosen Montag- We went to Gelsen Kirchen to see the parade

Our District Elders: Elders Stout, Cassell, Heil, Summerhays, Tilley, and Grow

The CASTLE!!...don't worry, it wasn't as high as it looks.

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