Monday, July 20, 2015

I can't miss this!!

This week was awesome. It kind of felt like a lot of things started to fall into place. Ok a couple of things fell out of place, like our door... and also the hungarian family that we had been teaching is no longer interested in learning more... and I got stung by a bee!! but other than that- this week was fantastic!! Some of the highlights were, having a drunk man sing to us, and give us free heidelberg postcards. I also got to go on a lot of splits this week... there may or may not have been a lot of delicious german chocolate involved.

Ok, story time though. The other day I was on a split with Sister Terry- and we both had no idea what we were doing. I felt really flustered and knew that I was supposed to be doing something else. So we sat down and said a prayer and then got moving because we both had the impression to go by on one of our many back up plans. We ended up knocking on some doors on this one street and there was this lady who was on the phone. She asked us what we wanted. And Sister Terry said that we wanted to share a small thought with her and a short video. She answered a little bit shortly- "A video about what" I was quick to reply, "Jesus!!" she looked at us for a moment, turned around and said into the phone, "Sorry honey, there are two girls at my door who want to teach me about Jesus, I can't miss this!"
Best moment of my life.
Basically I thought about that a lot. And really- how often are we so busy with life, that we ignore things. Sometimes we just need to realize the importance of the time that has been given us- hang up with life- and say, "sorry, but I can't miss this!"

all the best

Sister Shurts

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