Monday, July 6, 2015

Gute nacht liebe Altstadt!

This week was full of so many little miracles and fun moments!! I think the highlight of the week was Last night I was sitting on our window sill, enjoying the sun set and the warm breeze right before bed. When all of a sudden a little girl in the apartment across the street opened her window and waved at me! Then in her pink pajamas and sing song voice she called out, "gute nacht Liebe altstadt!" Or goodnight dear old city :) It was the cutest thing ever. And it made my whole week. I totally felt the same way. Good night dear old city! What a blessing it is to live where I live and to experience the things that I get to experience.
We met with Monice this week- and his two adorable kids. He is awesome- We were even able to pick him up for church on sunday. That was my favorite quote of the week, "Sister... this was awesome, I think I'll come back next week" YEESS!!!! :)
This week we celebrated the fourth of July! Sister Wahlquist and I dressed up in our patriotic red white and blue clothes- and no one was the wiser! As the fourth came to a close sister Wahlquist and I stopped at the Kiosk near our apartment and talked to Ozgur (the owner of the shop) and he gave us free bratwurst - as usual - and told us all his dreams about moving to america and becoming a hermit in the mountains. haha he is awesome I sure love him.
I also went on a split with week with the amazing sister Roundy! We had such a great time. Basically we did WORK! :) I went into the split praying for the chance to find a new investigator for the sister. But as the day wore on we were not seeing much success. It was seriously right before we were going to head home, that we met someone who was so excited to learn more he just couldn't wait to get our number and insisted that we set up an appointment right then and there!!! :) and then we ate icecream, and talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves. That is the best part about being a missionary- you are allowed to enjoy the little moments.
I just wanted to let you all know how much I love and appreciate your support and prayers!
I know that peace comes when we give up what we think we can control and turn everything over to the Lord.
All the best
und Gute Nacht!
Sister Shurts

from the scribbled notes of a sister missionary 

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