Monday, July 27, 2015

I'll tip my hat to that!

This week an old man tipped his hat to me. I was sitting on the train and I was having a conversation with a young student when he boarded and sat down across from me. I invited him into our conversation and he smiled and jumped right in. Once the student got off we continued to talk. He told me that he had spoken with many missionaries before and was always impressed with how friendly and open we are. He said that he is always drawn to the missionaries when he sees us, that there is some sort of light in our eyes that is inspiring. He had to get off he train at the next stop but as he stood he turned to me, and with a quick little bow took off his old hat and explained to me that, "in the good old days taking your hat off for someone means great respect, and that I truly wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful mission" Basically that was adorable.

This week was wonderful, now that I look back on it I realize at a lot of appointments fell out... But it was still great. We met with Frau Kocher again. I love her. Like really. She humbles me with her desire to change and become a new person. She has had such a hard life and because of that she has turned for comfort to things that cause addiction and pain. But she is so willing to turn her will over to the Lord.

We also had a baptism in our ward this week. Callisto is a man from Africa that the elders have been teaching. We had the baptismal service early Sunday morning. It was the perfect way to end the week.
We got there super early to help set up. Elder Von wallwitz, elder Roberts and I had a musical number together. We sang "I am a child of God" in Portuguese, German and English. It was really beautiful. I really love to sing, it may not sound that great, but I love to sing anyways. :)

Cute little moment of the week. I was sitting in church and watching all the people: when I noticed this little boy whispering something to his mom, and then look at her questioningly. She gave a nod of approval and this little boy- very quietly walked to the back of the room all by himself and sat down next to a cute old lady who was sitting alone in the back. This woman patted the boys head and then out of her brief case pulled a little bag of gummy bears! That little boy was grinning from ear to ear as he walked back to his mother triumphant! The best part was that, he wasn't the only one! Throughout the course of he meeting there were two other little people that got some gummy bears... I have to say I was quite tempted to steal that coveted spot and get some gummy bears myself!

I know that this work is the work of God. That the power by which God moves is through faith. And if we have faith his his son, Jesus Christ miracles can happen. I would tip my hat to that :)

I love you all
Liebe Grüße
Sister Shurts

Sister Bates and I on a split having a blast.... Doing missionary work??? Haha

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