Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/9/14 On My Way!!

I have like 3 minutes to email, we had to get up at 3 this morning to leave for our flight. Everyone is on a really early flight together, I'm going on one a couple hours later, but i've gotta go now! let everyone know I'll be able to email more on monday... i think! I'm done though with the MTC! and Flying to Frankfurt now! I'll be spending the night tonight in frankfurt and then meeting my trainer and everything the next day. It is going to be busy- but mom! I AM SO EXCITED!!! :D I don't feel ready but I can't wait to hit the pavement running! :)
send my love to everyone! :)
talk to you all soon!!!!!!! to give you more updates on everything in Frankfurt! :)

Sister Shurts
Michaela's MTC Zone
This photo just came in the mail this morning. Michaela arrived in
Frankfurt and is pictured here with her mission president and wife,
President and Sister Stoddard.

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