Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9/3/14 My first week!!

Sister Shurts and her district at the England Missionary Training Center

Sooo... most exciting sentence of the whole week?? It was a sweet little lady handing me a bag and saying, "Here Sister Shurts, this is your name tag". I politely said thank you- but in my head I was screaming and jumping up and down for excitement. As we sat in the orientation I put the tag on and man.. that was cool. Sister Shurts, Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage. (it says sister not schwester, because apperently otherwise germans think we are nuns or something) This week has been insane, I've been in England 6 days now and no blue box has showed up, Ive met lots of muggles and too many Downton Abbey fans!
But, really, I was so nervous about coming here, and it has been hard but I am learning so much. I'm in a room with 3 German sisters and one other girl from America. In the entire MTC I am the only person going to Frankfurt Germany, though!!! I thought I'd at least have one other person. But the sweet German sisters said that there would be lots coming from Germany in September. Oh My Goodness! the Germans are sooo awesome!! Seriously they are hilarious. I've found that we are really on the same wave length, and that I can actually communicate pretty well, and I understand pretty much everything they are saying!! I think right now what I am struggling the most with is teaching. It is hard for me to form sentances in German about the gospel because I've never really used that before. But the Elders and Sisters, and Teachers are helping me a lot. The food here is delicious, and it is a lot more personal than the Provo MTC so I've really gotten to know the president and his wife quite well. I don't know how to do pictures.... maybe i'll figure it our more next time... :) But we really don't have that much time to write today! I just wanted you all to know that I miss you all So much , but that I am also at the same time soo excited to go out and serve! Heavenly Father really does care about his missionaries- I can feel his love for us all here in the MTC, and I know without his help I would really be lost here. There is absolutly no way I could have learned this much german in a week without his help! I can't wait to go out and serve!!!!
love you all!!! 

From the scribbled notes of a sister missionary

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