Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29/14 So... this week I learned that it is smart to know the emergency 911 number for the country you are in

So... this week I learned that it is smart to know the emergency 911 number for the country you are in. I'll spoil the ending and say that everything turned out ok, but Sister Blackhurst and I were pretty freaked out! We had an appointment with a lady who had recently gotten baptized but was in a wheel chair and could not get around that well. As we were teaching her all of a sudden she began to have seizures and was shaking uncontrollably, her head was tilted back and her lips started turning blue. I jumped up and grabbed the phone and then realized that I didn't know the 911 number!! So while Sister Blackhurst stayed with her I jumped outside to shout for the gardener- but right as I did Marlies stopped convulsing and went limp- I was so worried because I thought that she had just died right there! Sister Blackhurst checked her pulse as I dialed the Emergency number that the gardener gave me. Thankfully her sister Ulla came around the corner right then and I gave her the phone so that she could explain the situation. Marlies was breathing but she was not doing well at all. The ambulance came a minute or two later and took control and zipped her back to the hospital. We stayed with Ulla to help her calm down for quite a while and despite all the scary things that happened I couldn't help but feel calm. As we sat with her, Ulla (who had no previous interest in the gospel) asked us to say a prayer and we spent a long time talking about the love of our heavenly father and the blessing of having a savior who knows all of our struggles. I think that that is one of the greatest blessings of of the Gospel and of being a missionary- because despite the trials and hardships that we may be facing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help everyone individually. I learned a lot about Faith this week. If heavenly Father had not prompted us to visit Marlies that day, she would have been all alone while she was having her epileptic attack. It has given me more determination to act in such a way that I will always have the spirit with me- so that I can be a tool for good in the Lords hands.

We have several people that we met with who are really interested in learning more- I am soo excited for them- I didn't realize how quickly you can learn to love someone you've only known for a few weeks. Wolfgang is an old German Doctor and we have been teaching him since I got here, but he is so open and ready to learn, we took him on a temple tour this week and he really is starting to see that this is the path for him! :D

Our week has been pretty eventful, we have been all over the Wetzlar area and also around Frankfurt. This week I have had a personal goal to contact more people on buses and trains. I just want to start up conversations with people and as our Mission President said, 'Teach when you Find, Find when you teach' Bear testimony in casual conversations- leave our number and invite them to learn more. It seems so easy but in reality it is hard to just talk to people who really don't want to have any part of you! The other day we ran into an old baptized man who scolded us for wearing finger nail polish! But we also were able to talk to people about family and the Book of Mormon! The more I think about it- the more excited I get haha, idk, I am just excited to be here and work hard in Wetzlar!

Love Sister Shurts

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